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Nomination of Philippe Lefebvre as “Organist of the Year 2024″

The association Orgue en France is pleased to announce the nomination of Philippe Lefebvre as “Organist of the Year 2024 of the American Guild of Organists of New York”.
Very well deserved reward for someone who has worked with so much dedication and passion for so many years for the cause of the organ within the framework of his various responsibilities: founding president of Orgue en France, president of the Association des Grandes Orgues de Chartres and its international competition without forgetting the influence of the organs of the stands of Arras, Chartres and Notre-Dame de Paris or the direction of the Lille conservatory and the teaching of improvisation at the National Higher Conservatory of Music and Dance (CNSMD) in Paris.

An interview with Philippe Lefebvre, by Jeffrey Brillhart, in the American Organist magazine from November 2023.